Ultrasonic plastic welding machine Σ2000Advanced

Short Description:

  • Price($): 5540
  • OEM: YES
  • RTS: YES
  • Weight(KG): 80
  • Packing size: 1150×720×480mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Model: Σ2000Advanced
  • Brand: BLSONIC
  • Country of origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Product Detail

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    Input voltage 220V±10% 50/60HZunidirectional voltage
    Input current 1000W/5A2000W/10A
    Maximum pressure 2500N
    Output power 1000W/2000W
    Maximum stroke 75mm
    Welding time 0.01s-10sAccuracy 1ms
    Ambient temperature 5-50℃
    Ultrasonic frequency 20KHZ, 20000 vibrations/s
    Welding energy range / accuracy
    Mechanical dimension 1180×610×385mm
    Weight 80kg

    System overview

    - Ultrasonic plastic welding system is an integrated ultrasonic plastic welding system composed of ultrasonic generator SONIC-DIGITAL HS and ∑ 2000 welding frame and controller.

    - Our equipment design has the advantages of compact structure, easy installation, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

    - The system adopts high performance digital ultrasonic electric box designed by Germany, combined with a high-efficiency ultrasonic transducer and titanium alloy amplifier. The ultrasonic output power is 1000W and 2000W, and the frequency is 20 kHz. The system is equipped with a special controller with excellent accuracy, which is used for the precise control of various parameters in the welding process.

    -Σ 2000 advanced plastic welding frame is equipped with high-quality linear slide rail to ensure the stability and repeatability of welding horn movement. The unique design of the welding horn node support frame can ensure the rigidity of welding head components in work, so as to achieve the most reliable and high-quality welding effect.

    Welding frame components

    Ultrasonic plastic welding machine (1)

    1. ∑2000-PJ Cylinder bore: 63mm, It can provide 2500N downforce and 75mm cylinder stroke under the maximum inlet pressure of 120psi.

    2. BOSCH solenoid valve - used to control the direction of airflow in and out of the cylinder, to control the up and down operation of the ultrasonic the module on the rack.

    3. Precision linear slide rail - the ultrasonic module on the frame is fixed on the slide, block to ensure the high accuracy of its up and down motion.

    4. Lower limit device - the precise fine adjustment screw on the adjustment device can adjust the lowest limit of the ultrasonic module so that the user can adjust the position of the welding horn according to the position of the die, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.02mm.

    5. Pressure contact device Electronic pressure trigger - The electronic pressure trigger device can be set. When each welding, the constant pressure and starting pressure on the working surface is 100N.

    6. Frame size specification ∑2000 width 610mm depth.

    Ultrasonic plastic welding machine (2)
    Ultrasonic plastic welding machine (3)

    1. 5-inch color touch screen.
    2. Operation interface in Chinese and English.
    3. Ultrasonic amplitude constant output.
    4. Ultrasonic amplitude adjustment.                                                      
    5. Welding Mode(Time, Energy).
    6. Soft start device.
    7. Overload device protection system.
    8. LCD visual output displays multiple parameters for real-time understanding of the welding status.
    9. Multiple welding modes and monitoring windows ( optional features).

    Trading information

    Minimum order quantity 1
    Payment method T/T
    Supply ability 1000/Month
    delivery deadline 10-15days
    Conventional packing Wooden case

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