Ultrasonic welding has advantages over traditional processes

First, the principle of ultrasonic welding:

Ultrasonic welding machine converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy (that is, high-frequency mechanical vibration energy whose frequency exceeds the hearing threshold of the human ear) through the ultrasonic transducer. The energy is transmitted to the plastic workpiece through the welding head, and the ultrasonic is tens of thousands of times per second. The frequency and a certain amplitude cause the joint surface of the plastic workpiece to be strongly rubbed and then melted. The short pressure maintained on the workpiece after the vibration stops causes the two weldments to solidify in a molecularly linked manner. Generally, the welding time is less than 1 second, and the obtained welding strength is comparable to that of the body.

Second, the use of ultrasonic welding has the following advantages over traditional processes:

1. Concise process: no need for preheating, no need to clean and other processes.

2. Convenient operation: As long as the welding parameters are set, the operation is very convenient.

3. Affordable: Eliminate a lot of fixtures, glue, reduce labor and reduce costs.

4. Automated welding is possible: Ultrasonic welding machines are very easy to automate.

5. Fast and accurate: Most ultrasonic welding can be completed in 0.1-0.5 seconds.

6. Beautiful and clean: the surface is well formed, no damage, no deformation, no scratches and glue residue.

7. High strength and good air tightness: the weld composition is the same as that of the base metal, with high strength, good air tightness, no water leakage and no air permeability.

8. Stable quality: mechanized production, product quality is stable and reliable.

Third, the characteristics of the ultrasonic welding machine:

1. Efficient and convenient.

2. Easy to operate and wide range of applications.

3. High production efficiency, labor saving, more than double the speed of the traditional.

4. The fusion interface is beautiful, and it can achieve the effect of watertight and airtight.

5. Carrying hot molds with linear guides, high precision and guaranteed quality.

Fourth, ultrasonic welding machine application case analysis:

Ultrasonic welding machine It is usually used for plastic welding. It completely replaces the traditional industry of bonding with glue. In the ultrasonic welding process, there is no bolt, nail, buckle, welding material or adhesive material combined. It is faster than traditional adhesives or glues, and the drying time is very fast. The welding process can be easily automated and can be easily customized to suit all types of specific specifications. For example: electronic products Shell, plastic toys, car side lights, medical respirators.

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Ultrasonic welding has advantages over traditional processes

Post time: Mar-26-2021