How to detect the quality of ultrasonic transducers?

Ultrasonic transducers are the heart of ultrasound products, and electromechanical devices are especially important. It converts the high-frequency high-voltage power supplied from the electric box into high-frequency mechanical vibration, and the power output can reach several kilowatts at most, so its stability and power output are very important to the operation performance of the whole machine, and it is also the most valuable in the equipment. It is the key to embody the value of the entire equipment. Here’s how to detect the quality of an ultrasonic transducer:

1. Parameter detection: Check whether the transducer parameters match the parameters of the electric box, and whether the ideal effect can be achieved.

2. Can be identified from its production process and appearance: it directly reflects the quality of the product to the quality of the product, the quality of the process and appearance of the product will naturally be better (but not absolutely), and the design process directly affects product quality.

3. Can be identified according to its process design and use of materials: but this requires a good understanding and experience of the transducer materials, the design is reasonable should be based on the choice of materials, the quality of the material directly affects the quality of the product, according to the board It is not necessary to copy it out. The material of the same specification is not the same, the quality is very different, and the poor material technology can not make a good product.

4. the machine test:

(1) Stability test (simulated aging test): The power output stability of the electrical box and the transducer with the rated load of the equipment is measured.

(2) Overload operation test: Test the stability and life of the product quality. This test only needs to carry the rated load for 8 hours without interruption.

(3) Power output test: It can detect the matching between the transducer and the electric box, and can also reflect the output power output of the electric box and the transducer. The larger the working effect of the mold belt, the better the power output. Strong. (The current size can only reflect the output efficiency, does not represent the power of the device).

Post time: Mar-26-2021