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BLSONIC Ultrasonic converter

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BLSONIC Ultrasonic converter——High conversion rate98%!

We provide two material options of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy to meet your various needs

More high-grade waterproof performance transducers support you to work stably and perfectly under strict product requirements

1, BE series high-efficiency linear transducer

2, Titanium alloy multiplier (Booster)

3, Welding head HORN/SONOTRODE

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Item Des. Item No. Material Specification
Converter BE50-50 20K Aluminum alloy /titanium alloy 20khz  2000w
BE38-32 20K Aluminum alloy /titanium alloy 20khz 1000w
BE50-40 20K Aluminum alloy /titanium alloy 20khz 2000w
BE25-20 35K Aluminum alloy /titanium alloy 35khz 1000w
  Aluminum alloy /titanium alloy 30k 1200w
  Aluminum alloy /titanium alloy 30k 2000W
BE25-20 40K Aluminum alloy 40khz 800w

Advanced Generator


1. Stable frequency output

2. High-strength steel structure

3. Long lifetime

4. Robust and reliable

5. converter housing (optional cooling air connections,optional stainless steel version)

6. Converter also available for rotary applications

All ultrasonic boosters are made of high-quality titanium and aluminum alloy

Depending on the required demands,they are installed using rigid or flexible support rings.The converters of the BE series are renowned for their high quality and reliability. The series covers frequencies of 15, 20, 30 and 35KHz and outputs from 400W to 8KW. For use in the food and medical fields,versions made of chemically resistant materials and with protection rating of up to IP67 are available.

* Stable frequency output

* High-strength steel structure

* Long lifetime

* Robust and reliable

* Converter housing(optional cooling air connections,optional stainless steel version)

* Converter also available for rotary applications


Electromechanical conversion efficiency of up to 98% of the high quality and durable transducer. Optional 15, 20, 30, 35, 36kHz and 40kHz frequencies and 400W-5000W power. Special customization can provide special models. Safe high-grade protection design meets the requirements of modern industrial use, special occasions, such as food and medical use, can provide a dedicated model to correspond. Can resist chemical corrosion and higher levels of protection. Continuous For vibration applications, freeze-drying air cooling units can be added.



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3. Electronics

4. Food

5. Medical

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