BLSONIC Ultrasonic blade for the food industry

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BLSONIC Ultrasonic blade for the food industry -A good helper for automatic cutting in the food industry!

The best way to improve production efficiency in the bakery and confectionery industry

Sweets, Cakes, Frozen Layer Cakes, Meat, sausage…

All food categories you want to try ultrasonic cutting are welcome to test

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Item Des. Item No. Material Specification
CUTTING BLADE L73mmH83mm Ti alloy 40khz
L90mmH140mm Ti alloy 20khz
L140mmH154mm Ti alloy 35khz
L150mmH139.1mm Ti alloy 20khz
L200mmH140mm Ti alloy 20khz
L240mmH130mm Ti alloy 20khz
L250mmH144mm Ti alloy 20khz
L300mm H275mm Ti alloy 20khz
L300mm H131mm Ti alloy 20khz
L300mmH150mm Ti alloy 20khz
L305mmH145mm Ti alloy 20khz
L310mmH130mm Ti alloy 20khz
L315mmH60mm Ti alloy 20khz
L420mmH140mm Ti alloy 20khz
L545mm H155mm Ti alloy 20khz
L760mm H144mm Ti alloy 20khz


What we do for u


1. Custom size customization

2. Each product has been accurate analysis, processing, to ensure the product amplitude and temperature stress are evenly distributed, thus ensuring high reliability and durability of each product. Highly wear-resistant materials and wear-resistant coatings are available for special applications such as metal welding and continuous vibration requirements.

3. Frequencies: 20, 30, and 35 kHz

4. Different frequency lengths possible: Lambda ½, Lambda 1, and Lambda 1 ½

5. Sonotrodes made from High quality imported titanium alloy titanium

for a large segment of the customer base that uses telsonic, Branson, Herrmann, and Rincon,

we are a cost-effective alternative, we are at the same level of quality, and in some applications, we are even better,

innovation and quality are things we have always sought, 

We have successfully tested tens of thousands of ultrasonic cutting application cases for decades

we have the FEM report for our  Sonotrode

Our machines are all digital generator systems...


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