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BLSONIC BRC2010 Circumferential (radial) unit

Short Description:

The widest radial weld available in the world

We have the China exclusive patent

For fabric Welding with other flexible materials welding, we continue to pursue faster welding speed

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Frequency [KHZ]  35   20
 Weld width [mm] 1——25 1-90
 speed [m/min]* 80  80
 Generator power [W] 400/1000  1000/2000/3000 
 Max. compressed air [bar]  6
 Connected loads of drive 1φ 220v  1φ 220v/

High integration unit to assemble automatic lines flexible Ultrasonic rotary (radial direction] welding

* Speed up to 140m/ min or customized velocity-ty for welding process mean while it also maintains material's high degree of softness and elasticity.

* Shapes of custom welding face could be changed rapidly by the switch of the rotary drum.

* High integration unit to assemble automatic lines flexible.

* Design in German digital ultrasonic system, it has multiple protections to guarantee the reliability of production Welding

The conversion of various custom shaped weld faces can be quickly achieved by the replacement of the circumferential wheel.

Highly integrated design, flexible installation in a variety of automated production lines.

It adopts Germany's advanced digital ultrasonic system and has multiple safety protection functions to ensure the reliability of product fusion.

No stitching, no glue sticking, non-woven fabric fusion, saving process, wireless stitching, beautiful appearance.

Ultrasonic rotary (radial direction] welding unit is suitable to:

* Thermoplastic material such as nonwoven and synthetic textiles, a metal material such as copper foil and aluminum foil.

* Overlap welding technology for two or more layers produced at the same time.

* Seamless welding products such as airproof clothes and outdoor goods.

*Custom design to integrate with the automated production line

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Ultrasonic Rotary

Welding& Sewing Unit

Continuous welding, cutting, sealing, and cutting&sealing(cut&seal);

*Thermoplastic material such as nonwoven and Synthetic textiles. Metal foil such as

copper foil and aluminum foil. Film.

*Seamless welding products such as airproof clothes and outdoor goods.

*Custom unit, could be easily and flexibly integrated into existing or new automated


* Thermoplastic (nonwoven, synthetic, etc.) metal

       Fusing laminate processing technology for foils (copper foil, aluminum foil, etc.)

* Products with high air tightness requirements, such as windbreakers, tents, etc.

       Foreign goods

  * Customized unit for flexible integration into automated production lines

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