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Shenzhen Blsonic Ultrasonic Automatic Machine Co., Ltd.

Was founded in 2008, it is a technical cooperation enterprise in the professional R&D of ultrasonic industrial equipment.

Due to the precipitation and continuous innovation of ultrasonic technology over the years, we have grown into a one-stop provider of ultrasonic industrial application technology solutions.

Successful caes:10000+
Independent invention patent:30+
Number of customers service:3400+

BLSONIC is committed to providing the best-in-class products, services, and precision ultrasonic welding & cutting solutions for customers around the world.

We mainly produce ultrasonic welding equipment, and involves plastic welding series, metal welding series, cutting & sealing series, screening series, and can customize ultrasonic application technology solutions. Product and technology are widely used in automotive, home appliances, medical, packaging, textile, electronics, consumer goods, food, and so on. We have branches in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The most advanced microcomputer technology is applied to ultrasonic plastics, metal welding, and fully automated welding machines. We are committed to ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic screening, and ultrasonic special applications, with great market development value.

Our company's core values are learning, engagement, accountability, and being proactive, or LEAP for short.


Quality is our top priority. Over the years our technology had produced stronger, more reliable weld results compared to any other ultrasonic welding system in the industry.

We have participated in many projects of well-known brands:

The companies we have worked with include Apple, Tesla, Foxconn, Huawei, and so on.

Successfully completed tens of thousands of customer tests

Employees are the smartest long-term investment for a business

With over 130 Experienced Professional staff including 15 people in the R&D department

All success comes from the joint efforts of every BLSONICER

We constantly improve/perfects the human resources management system and system, establishes a *people-oriented* corporate culture, and improve company training. compensation, performance, and incentive mechanisms to enhance the Happiness of talents


We can service customers in need of a quick turnaround, delivers repeatability, accuracy, and reliability to your bonding.

DAUG digital ultrasonic generator could automatically track and store the operating frequency data. Stability of machining performance is guaranteed by our con- stant amplitude and power control system.